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How to accredit itself on the Festival?

Our online form will close soon due to changes in our website, however will continue crediting our Accreditations Bureau filed at the Hotel Nacional until 13 December this year, for this year's Festival The credential delivered by the Festival gives the right to:

• preferential and free access to theaters nationwide network of display Festival
• Access to side events (seminars, lectures, theoretical meetings, book presentations, etc.)
• Invitation to the opening and closing ceremonies (excluding students)


Accreditation will be effective when the person concerned reaches Cuba. It will be held at the Festival Office based at the National Hotel, where accreditation requests will be addressed.

Cost of accreditation:

- Participants $ 45.00 CUC
- Students $ 25.00 CUC (duly endorsed student status)
The accreditation will only be possible once you arrive to Cuba

Forms of accreditation

The credentials granted by The Festival are the following ones:

The credentials awarded by the Festival are:

• Delegate: Delivered to the staff of the works shown at the Festival, including those specialties director, producer, cinematographer, art director, sound engineer, musician, editor, writer and performers (up to 2). This credential also includes writers and graphic artists with works in Unpublished Screenplay contests and posters, respectively.
• Participant: Delivered to all those interested in attending the Festival as spectators and the cost of it is $ 45.00 CUC.
• Student: students of disciplines related to the audiovisual, condition must be certified by the presentation of the document (ID) and the cost is $ 25.00 CUC delivery.
• Industry: producers, sales agents, buyers, festival programmers, executives, sales agents and other professionals in the film industry is delivered. It has similar caracerísticas the remaining accreditations. It includes access to all professional events organized by the Industry Sector.
• Press: Delivered to journalists of different media that provide coverage to the Festival, this accreditation must be solcitada in advance.

More information.

• The Delegate credentials are exempt from payment.

The price of the remaining credentials (Participant and Student) will be subscribed in the office of accreditation; the payment is not stipulated by this concept in the embassies and consulates of Cuba abroad.

• In case of the students related to Cinema and TV means, a discount will offer in the price of the credential.

• In what concerns the accreditation of journalists and critics of cinema interested in covering the Festival, must contact Press Acreditation.


National accreditations are only directed to the staff of Cuban works that have been selected to the event and the staff working in each of the directorates and organizational Fronts thereof. The rest of the public will have access to the passports are tickets available during the event, for the entire circuit of theaters the same or get a ticket at the box office of each film.
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  El Festival propone varias iniciativas dirigidas a fomentar y contribuir al desarrollo de proyectos cinematográficos.

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